Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nancy Beiman Joins FLIP!

As we begin our third year a blog, Alex and I are pleased to announced the addition of Nancy Beiman as a FLIP writer.  Nancy was the first person interviewed in the old format FLIP, and has, over the years, been a regular source for quotes and insights.  Having her as a partner on the team is a natural fit.

For those unfamiliar with Ms. Beiman, she is in the 30+ year veteran club in animation, having worked for Zander Animation Parlour in 1978, then later for Richard Williams, and Disney Studios.  She currently teaches at Sheridan College in Canada.

We have a core audience of readers who like our editorial slant, and Nancy will bring her own strong perspective into the mix, making FLIP even better.  Due to personal priorities, Alex and I have not been as proficient with postings lately, and she will help us out on that end as well, keeping that free internet reading material coming to you, dear readers.

Welcome, Nancy!


  1. Hi there, Steve, I have never worked for Richard Williams! But I've worked in lots of other places, and I am happy to post about animation with you here!

    1. My mistake! I should have done my research!

  2. No problem! My first post just went up...I hope that you like it.