Monday, January 9, 2012

Return of the Hunched & Goofy

Last March, I got an e-mail from Alex Williams.  He had a proposal - that we should team up and relaunch my e-zine FLIP as a blog. This is it.  

Alex lives in London.  That's a picture of us during my family vacation there in August 2010.  He took us out for some spectacular Middle-Eastern cuisine.  It was Ramadan, so we had the place to ourselves until dusk.  I had just posted my final issue of FLIP as a webzine, and we talked about it a bit that night among a myriad of other things in the rambling conversation you have with someone you see once every four or five years.  My wife, Donna, was running for local office, and Alex introduced her to the poster that would become her campaign mantra:

This was something Churchill had posted around town when the Nazi's were bombing the shit out of London.  Donna co-opted the slogan and would win the election, beating our own local version of Boss Hogg.

I first met Alex in Los Angeles in 1998 - a cool, sophisticated cat but not in the phony L.A. way.  He's very intelligent - was once a barrister in London (or was he a solicitor?).  Besides being an animator, he does a comic strip for The Times in London called"Queen's Counsel".  When he proposed teaming up, I thought he'd offer a great counterpoint to my South Jersey tactless manner.

For you readers, expect to read more of the types of articles done in the original FLIP.  Bookmark the page if you like it, and join our Facebook page too!  We're not posting comments as they tend to be inane and give my site viruses, but if you have something valid to add or contribute, send us an e-mail. And please - spread the word!

- Steve