Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Animation Internet Revolution

There is a revolution taking place in media and content creation. Any animator with talent, a laptop and a story to tell can now take on the biggest studios. It's not exactly a level playing field, but it's way more level than it was just a decade ago.

Jack and Holly is an animated series for kids distributed on YouTube by Jez and Julienne Martin who have created their own children's programs from their living-room sofa, armed with a web connection and a family friend, Graham Jones, who does the animation.

Extraordinarily, they get 500,000 hits a month on YouTube, enough to turn what was simply a desire to create family-friendly content for their kids into what could be a multi-million pound business.

The democratisation of content may be bad news for the music and film industry, who struggle to control rampant piracy and illegal downloads. But it is giving rise to a whole new breed of online entrepreneurs.

Vive la Revolution!


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