Wednesday, April 3, 2013


There are certain shows from my childhood that have stuck with me over the years despite not having seen them since.  Ken Mundie's Hey Hey Hey, It's Fat Albert special is one of them.  Fred Wolf's The Point is another.  And then there's Dig.

Dig is a special that ran on Saturday morning a couple of times in 1972.  It was the story of a boy and his dog who go on 'a journey into the Earth" guided by a large rock.   I was nine going on ten when it aired, but it stuck with me.  I remembered the main characters, and I remember the song "Take a midnight ride - down the rock bottom road - bumpty bumpty bump bump."

Over the years, I forgot the title of the film, but that song stayed with me.  I've asked friends about it - singing the song.  Got weird looks.  

Tonight, I feel vindicated as I have found this childhood gem thanks to the miracle of YouTube.  Dig, I was pleasantly surprised to find, was done by John and Faith Hubley.  No wonder it stuck with me!

Some trivia about Dig: The Hubley's son Ray voices Adam, the boy on the journey.  Ray Hubley is now a film editor.  Jack Warden voices Rocco the rock guide.  Quincy Jones does the music.  Tissa David is one of the animators. 

What I liked about Dig was that, like The Point and Mundie's Fat Albert, it was cool.  The style, sound, writing, and acting,  under Hubley's direction,  stand out from the standard Saturday morning cartoons offered up in 1972.  Steal a half hour at work to watch it.  You'll have that song stuck in your head, then maybe we can sing it together over a Guinness one day.



  1. This and many other Hubley films have been up on YouTube for quite some time now. It's amazing to see it all!

  2. Music by Quincy Jones! I think I've heard of him....

  3. Ha me too I just googled Midnight ride Down rock bottom Road

  4. I have been searching for this song and cartoon for YEARS! THANKSSSSSS!!!! A piece of my childhood reclaimed :)

  5. I remember the song too - have tried to find it before but only just thought of it again today - so was thrilled to find this post. However the video links no longer work - but now that you supplied the name of the cartoon I found it on YouTube.
    I watched it and was amazed that the midnight road song was only one line in the cartoon - and yet it has stayed with me these 45 years. It must be due for a remake I reckon.