Monday, April 29, 2013

Stephan Franck's graphic novel Silver - just launched!

Con-men, crypts, buried treasure... and zombies
In March we interviewed animator, story board artist and director Stephan Franck, who has just published his first graphic novel - Silver. Until now it was only available from the Dark Planet Comics website, but Stephan's new book now has a commercial outlet - you can download the complete eBook for just $1.99 from

The novel is set in New York City in 1931. Scoundrel, con-man and thief James Finnigan is a man who likes shiny things. On what was supposed to be his last job, Finnigan accidentally discovers a secret crypt under the Harker's Foundation 5th Avenue headquarters, and finds a mysterious silver bar. It is shiny, ancient - and priceless. Unfortunately, a lot of people are after that silver bar -- not all of them alive, and not necessarily quite dead either.

Enjoy Silver!


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