Monday, April 15, 2013

If You Can't Eat the Rich, Tax the Rich

Hey Americans, did you file your income tax returns yet?  Just a reminder, your deadline is TODAY.   Sure, you could pull a Weslie Snipes, but even he would not recommend that.   Think the system is unfair? Well, Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale feels your pain.  Ed Asner narrates this short that offers a liberal perspective on our tax system.

The short was created through the California Federation of Teachers, a labor union.  It was written and directed by Fred Glass of the Labor and Community Studies Department of City College of San Francisco. This was not his first foray into film.   His  documentary on the history of the California labor movement, Golden Lands, Working Hands, aired on  PBS in 1999.

It was animated by Mike Konopacki, a cartoonist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.
Mike has fifteen other shorts on his site, with titles such as Capitalism Sucks and Lying Sack of Bush. A wee left wing.

They did a nice job on this except for the vocal direction.  I like Ed Asner, but having him give such a snarky read undermines the educational intent.  Or was preaching to the choir the intent?  By the looks of the YouTube comments, they haven't made any conversions.  The right wingers are just as pissy as ever, defending the system that has let the super-rich have more of the pie than ever in the history of the world.  So I take it back -  Ed's got a right to be snarky.


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