Saturday, April 6, 2013

ToonTown Reunion - 25 Years after The Rabbit

See how many Toon Town graduates you can spot in this Roger Rabbit re-union photo just posted on Facebook by Producer Max Howard (5th from left on the back row). I can see Tom Sito on the left, as well as Producer Don Hahn, and master animator Andreas Deja in the back, among many other familiar faces and old friends. And I think I see director Bob Zemeckis standing next to Nik Ranieri, fourth from right in the back row.

So many careers were kick-started by landing a job on The Rabbit - including my own, and I wish I had been in Los Angeles for the reunion get-together. What a debt of gratitude we all owe to this ground-breaking film.

I watched it the other night - for the first time in over two decades. Before hand I wondered - would it still hold up? And the answer is - yes -it still feels as fresh and funny as it did 25 years ago.

We'll have to try to organise something here in the UK for those of us who are still working in Hollywood's less glamorous Old World cousin - London.
The flyer for the reunion - signed by the Great and the Good
Anyone fancy helping to organise a celebration/reunion/screening/panel discussion in London?

After all, the film was made here, not in LA!


(Editor's note: You can see Jamie Bolio's complete collection of reunion photos here. Thanks Jamie!)

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