Monday, January 21, 2013

Signe Baumane "Rocks" Kickstarter

Friend of FLIP Signe Baumane has taken to the fundraising site Kickstarter for financial support on her independent feature Rocks in My Pockets.  Rocks is the very personal story of Signe's struggles with depression.  Those familiar with her work know her humor is brutally honest.  She calls her film "a funny film about depression."

In a call for support, Signe says:

This is my chance to bring the project in front of your wonderful, perceptive eyes, and it is your chance to get involved with Rocks In My Pockets on a new level.  There are many ways to get involved; for example, a donation can make you an owner of a one-of-a-kind art piece from Rocks paper mache sets. Or, you could post information about the campaign on your Facebook newsfeed.  You could Tweet about it! Or, you could email your friends about this campaign and tell them that Rocks In My Pockets is a colorful glimpse inside an artist's mind - having been dealt an inherited madness, she offers her way of finding redemption and hope.

Mental health is an important subject right now, we need to talk about it without stigmatizing and pointing fingers. I feel Rocks should be part of that conversation.

We have only 30 days to reach the goal.
Things can fall apart or they can grow organically, like a tree.
I am hoping for a tree.


With love and affection

Rocks has raised over $16,000 in just seven days.  Signe's goal is $40,000.  You can visit the Kickstarter site here.

And read more about the project in this FLIP post from last June, Animating My Demons.


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