Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The animation artist who became a politician

Roy Iddan - your local Libertarian candidate
Roy Iddan is an Israeli animation artist who is running for Parliament in Israel's forthcoming elections on 22nd January 2013. FLIP caught up with Roy during a brief break in the campaign trail and asked him a few questions about what made him want to abandon his pencil and set the world to rights.

FLIP: You worked as a storyboard artist for The Animation Lab in Jerusalem on a feature film project - The Wild Bunch. How was that experience?

Roy: The experience was great - it was my first "real" job in the business and I got to work with great people from all over the world who are true masters. I learned a lot and had an awesome time, although the show itself ran into a bit of trouble.
The Wild Bunch - intended to be the first Israeli animated feature film

FLIP: Jerusalem seems like an unusual place to make an animated film – why there?

Roy: The whole point of setting the studio up in Jerusalem was as part of an initiative to bring artists, techies and creative types to work in a city which is otherwise very unattractive to such people.

Jerusalem - home of animation?
FLIP: What happened to the project?

Roy: The project suffered from problematic management since day one I guess. I am not really in the know, but I think one problem was that it was over-thought and over-analyzed. Another problem was not enough reliance on and commitment to local talent.
A musical interlude on The Wild Bunch with story supremos Woody Woodman and Barry Cook
FLIP: You also write, direct and storyboard TV animation – what is your favourite project that you have worked on?

Roy: I actually write more for live action comedy. My favorite animation project was my stint as production designer on MTV's short lived masterpiece DJ and The Fro. I worked with the amazing Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein and we made a beautiful show which got cancelled after the first season, unfortunately.

FLIP: Right now you are running for Parliament in Israel – what make you switch to politics?

Roy: I was always politically active, as a libertarian (a rarity in a collectivist hellhole such as Israel). I am campaign manager and number 8 in the roster of Ale Yarok - the Israeli libertarian party which also promotes the legalization of cannabis use.

FLIP: What changes do you want to make in public life?

Roy: In brief: more personal liberty and economic freedom in Israel. Decriminalization of cannabis, separation of church and state, small government.

FLIP: One last question - are you gonna win?

Roy: Hopefully we'll get in.

FLIP: Good luck! Vote for Roy!

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