Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vladimir Todorov reveals the secrets of the eBook

Vladimir Todorov is an animator, designer and story board artist who has worked on many Hollywood feature films including The Polar Express, Harry Potter, Beowulf and the forthcoming Jack the Giant Slayer. In 2009 Vlad published a book titled Moon Rock which is about to be released an an e-book.
FLIP: Your book "The Moon Rock" is about to be released as an e-book. What is the book about?

Vladimir: The Moon Rock is an illustrated fantasy novel. The story is about a boy’s magical journey to a city, build in the deepest crater on the far side of the Moon. A city ruled by a wicked librarian, a city where gravity is defied and time can be twisted for good or evil.

When Elliot is shown the Library of Time, he finds out that the precious Moon Rock he “stole” from his Astronaut grandfather holds a hidden key which can open the forbidden wing of the future. He also finds himself caught in the middle of a civil war, raging between the Librarian and a group of rebels called the Defiers.

The story is about an adventure, but also about the difficult choices our character faces.