Thursday, January 10, 2013

Steve Gadlin Wants to Draw a Cat for You

File this under 'brilliantly bad'.

Steve Gadlin is, according to his own website, " a web developer, writer and comedian living in Chicago, Illinois".  He has created a website where, for a small fee, he will draw a cat for you. His promotional video plays like an SNL skit, but send your request with $9.95, and he will indeed create a primitive, but personalized drawing of a cat in whatever situational gag you request.  You know those guys at amusement parks who do the "big-head" caricatures as a take-home souvenir?  This is a poorly drawn version of that.  

I heard about Steve through my old pal Winter Reign.  She ordered a cat drawing for her husband,  requesting a cat with multiple arms on his laptop, iPhone, tending to his two kids, cleaning, and practicing acupuncture!  This is what Winter received:

 This is not a joke insofar as it really exists, Steve is not misrepresenting himself in any way; it's a joke's-on-us stunt with an Andy Kaufman angle that allows us to be suckered with our eyes wide open.

Steve appeared on the show Shark Tank, where he accepted an offer of $25K from Mark Cuban, owner of Landmark Theaters and the NBA's Dallas Mavericks.

Only in America!


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  1. Winter's photo is #10863. If he indeed has drawn 10,683 of these, he has grossed (and I mean that literally) $106,295.85. Hmm. Where did I put my Sharpies...