Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kit and Gerry Laybourne's Groovy Pad

Gerry and Kit Laybourne.
photo by Christopher Wahl for Dwell Magazine.
I was looking through the latest issue of the magazine Dwell: At Home in the Modern World checking out some of the ultra hip homes. I started reading the cover story about  a modern apartment in the Chelsea district.  It's owners are Kit and Geraldine Laybourne.


Kit Laybourne,  author of The Animation Book, the book I devoured as a teenager, the book which fueled my desire to become an animator, and his wife Gerry, the brilliant executive (seriously) who put Nickelodeon on the map, have a place so stylish, it made the cover of a magazine dedicated to modern style.

Architect Neil Denari's building HL23.
photo by Christopher Wahl for Dwell Magazine 
Their apartment is in the HL23 building in the Chelsea Arts District.  The article,written by Beth Dunlop states,"Architect Neil Denari of Los Angeles uses the word prism to describe his glass-and-stainless-steel condominium that rises, with a quite unexpected profile, right over the High Line in Chelsea. He explains, “It’s an object sculpted by the forces of the site.”

I would describe it as looking bent, in a very cool way.

Check out the Dwell Magazine article here:

And eat yer hearts out, kids!

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