Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Into The Animation Factory" needs your help!

Into the Animation Factory - Dave Tart's new film
Calling all Animators, Artists, and VFX Industry professionals! Pixar animator, director and all-round animation supremo Dave Tart is gearing up for a short film project titled "Into the Animation Factory"... and he needs your help!  Since one of the film's primary aims is to educate clients and audiences about the state of the industry, he needs to gather some facts. Which is where you come in.

Dave will be super grateful to all animators and vfx artists who take a few minutes of their valuable time to fill out this survey.

Dave swears it won't take long, and the results of the survey will be shared with everyone in the industry. If you want to find out more about the survey or Dave's new short film project, visit his website:
Into The Animation Factory
Into The Animation Factory is a film about how the process of animation works (or, sometimes, doesn't). It is being made in Viborg, Denmark, by Norlum films, headed by some of the super-talented graduates of the Animation Workshop, whose skill and dedication to the craft of animation I can personally vouch for. They have just 30 days at Kickstarter to raise $140,000 so dig deep, and tell your friends.
Dave thanks everyone in advance for their help, and asks that animation folks forward the link for the survey to anyone you know who's working in the industry.  This is a global study, so the more participants there are, the more comprehensive and useful the results will be.


(Editor's Note: You can also read about Dave Tart's film - The Story of Animation - here. For more on The Animation Workshop, read a student's view here, and a teacher's view here.)

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