Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Is Wrong With The Global Development Organisation?

What Is Wrong With The Global Development Organisation?  is a short film project executed by a group of my students, mostly at Bucks New University (my day job), but also including talent from my online school,

The film was a private commission from an individual who experiences day to day the problems set out in the film, and who wanted to find a way of expressing those problems in a way that would be fun and entertaining - but with a serious message. She wants to remain anonymous because, as she put it, "if you win an Oscar I will get fired".

Luckily for her, our Oscar chances are small, but she was delighted by the film and I was thrilled by the professionalism that my talented students showed in adhering to deadlines and getting the job done. It is directed by Monika Dzikowicz, animated by Lydon Fleisig, Dave Berry, Peter Nicholson, Paula Gillin and Allan De Leal. Sound design was done by Kris Allen. The design is clean but simple, and the animation style is limited but hopefully still appealing.

It's only two minutes long - a micro-documentary about what happens when organisations which start out with good intentions lose sight of what they ought to be doing. In a way, its a parable about almost all organisations. People I show it to tend to say "that could be about the company I work for". 

We hope you like it.  If you do, spread the word.


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