Sunday, September 8, 2013

Endtrip from Holland

Endtrip is the work three graduate students from University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU), Koen de Mol, Olivier Ballast, and Rick Franssen. It is freaking amazing.

The flimmakers describe Endtrip as "an animated short film in which we experience a breathtaking trip through the bizarre and fantastical unconsciousness of a drug overdosed girl. This visually stunning journey offers a stereoscopic 3D glimpse into the extraordinary and strange workings of the mind. Reality and fantasy become intertwined into a dream where nothing is as it seems and we can only expect the unexpected."

  Koen de Mol told FLIP:

"Endtrip's production time was about six months, from the conception of the idea until the finished product. There was practically no budget, less then $500.  All three of us were involved with writing the script, creating storyboards and creating the 3d assets and environments.  Besides that, each one had their own specialty.  For Olivier this was art direction, Rick took on both physics simulations and editing, and I did all the compositing and stereoscopic supervision.

There were a couple of tricky things when creating the film, the first is the long camera move. Because everything is one continuous shot, there is never a moment were you can hide anything in a cut. Also, when something changes, timing-wise, in the beginning of the film, it ripples throughout the entire movie as everything changes.  The second thing is the 3D stereoscopic effect. This was the first time we used this technique and it turned out it can be quite challenging. This also meant we had double the amount of render time for each shot.

Instead of dividing the film up in shots, the different "worlds" became the shots. So we had 5-6 worlds depending on how you look at it.  Somewhere in the middle of the production process we shot the live action scene. This was done with the help of a number of talented people such as Tim Thuis, our camera man."

Endtrip will be hitting the festivals, starting with the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival.  Good luck, guys, and congratulations!

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