Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kevin Lima on Harald Seipermann's Death

The extraordinarily talented German development artist Harald Seipermann has succumbed to cancer. Harald worked on the Disney features such as Mulan, Brother Bear, and Treasure Planet, as well as storyboard work on Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Director Kevin Lima, who worked with Harald on Tarzan and Enchanted, offered these sentiments:

"Geez Steve, for some reason, I'm not dealing with this one so well - first Rusty (Mills), now Harald......  mortality.  I opened Facebook today and learned that my often collaborator, Harald Seipermann had passed away. I was instantly struck with sadness, not only had I lost a friend, but because I would no longer be meeting any more apes, elephants, trolls or princesses that were still to spring from imagination. This is a sad day indeed.

I'm writing this at the mall with tears rolling down my face."

I never met Harald, but I have seen his work.  As an artist, he was in an elite class of talent.  

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