Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For Rusty

Rusty Mills needs your help.  He is near the end, suffering from cancer, but is leaving behind a wife and a lot of hospital bills.  A fundraiser has been set up on his behalf.  Please help.

CLICK HERE to read more and donate.

I went to CalArts with Rusty.  He was a  really hard working guy and really loved his work.  As a student, he was always the underdog, always having to work three times as hard as the class golden boys.  Rusty went on great success, winning a buttload of Emmy's as a director.  Godspeed, Mr. Mills.

CalArts, Sept 1982.  From left: Geoff Schroeder(half of him, anyway), Rusty Mills, Dan Jeup, Gerry Bowers, Steve Moore, Kevin Lima, Kirk Wise, Tim Hauser.

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  1. Hope this post helps finding more to help with the bills for treatment.