Sunday, November 25, 2012

Some Unique Gifts to Fight Over

In the United States, unless your TV has been broken, your newspaper shut down, and your internet connection failed, you know all about "Black Friday".  This term is not in reference to post-Thanksgiving bowel movements.  This is the day, the awful day, when media advertisers rile people into such a frenzy as to act out as a mob of deal-hunting vigilantes.

So what's a mild mannered, somewhat sane, hunched and goofy person to do?  Well, let FLIP rile you  into a geek frenzy with some cool, unique gifts from people who have been featured in this year's FLIP!


FLIP's own Alex Williams' latest paperback collection of his Queen's Counsel comic strip, The Queen's Counsel Official Lawyer's Handbook!  Read more about it in this post!

 From FLIP's other-own Steve Moore (a.k.a. ME),  poster prints from the Oyster Cracker Cafe.  I got to play with a variety of styles in creating poster art for a local cafe.  See the whole collection at this post!

Aurelio O'Brien's books GENeration eXtraTERrestrial and Eve are two great science fiction works.  Check out Aurelio's website!

Mark Kalesniko created this graphic novel masterpiece about the hunched and goofy life of a layout artists and his alter ego and life in L.A..  Buy it here!  And read about it in this post!

Dean Yeagle's Caged Beagle Productions offers illustration compilations, calendars, and sculptures of his uber-sexy creation, Mandy.  This post about a book signing last January still gets lots of views.  Crazy!

Darrell Rooney's Harlow in Hollywood is the quintessential source on the life of early screen legend Jean Harlow.  Read more about this project in this post.  
And buy a book, it's beautifully done!

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage is Sydney Padua's beautifully illustrated graphic novel featuring the Victorian era heroes from her web comic.  Read more from this post! Then begin you own thrilling adventure actually trying to buy a copy.

Support your fellow animator!  Buy your friends something original!  Now let the buying frenzy commence!


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