Thursday, February 28, 2013

The SpaceTop 3D desktop - the world's first transparent computer

At this year's TED conference in Los Angeles, TED fellow Jinha Lee has unveiled the SpaceTop 3D desktop, developed in collaboration with Microsoft. The  transparent computer allows users for the first time to reach inside the machine and "touch" its digital content.

Lots of people, especially older folks, still find computers inherently difficult to navigate. But a machine whose contents you can actually touch? That could be a major breakthrough - navigating a machine as if you were sifting through a filing cabinet. Making a computer more like a real-world object could make it a whole lot easier to use, and far more intuitive.

For a brief glimpse of this maybe-future, click on the link above.

--- Alex


  1. Not sure this would be a computer for me, I have enough of my hands tied to other things right now.