Sunday, December 1, 2013

Support Fellow Artists - Give their Work as Gifts

It's that time again, when media whips people into a shopping frenzy, then sits back and laughs as gift buying turns into a bloodsport.  Ha ha, suckers!  Once again, FLIP offers our readers a creative alternative.  Over the course of the past year, there have been many artists featured whose work is available for sale.  We present those items here for your convenient shopping.

Support animation artists, and get something unique for your loved ones!

First up, Richard Williams' classic book The Animator's Survival Kit is now available for the iPad.  FLIP wrote about it back in February.  Get yours here!

Another must have animation book is Tom Sito's Moving Innovation: The History of Computer Animation.  Published this year, this book is the first comprehensive view of the relatively short, 50 year history of computer animation.  Tom gave FLIP an interview back in March.  Buy your copy by clicking here.

Looking for a unique children's book?  How about Uli Meyer's Cuthbert was Bored?  Uli is a brilliant draftsman and among the top animators in the world.  His book was published this year, and you can get a copy by clicking here.

Animator Tanya Fenton talked to FLIP about her new children's book Three Silly Chickens back in April.  Buy your copy here

Back in January, we wrote about Steve Gadlin, a writer and comedian from Illinois who, for $9.95, will send you a personalized, terriibly drawn cat.   A gift that says, "what the hell".

To get your customized cat, click here.

Story man Stephan Franck has a newly published graphic novel, Silver, which he talked to FLIP about in March.  Get your copy here!

From an April post, animator and designer Vladimir Todorov has a new Kindle book called Moon Rock that you can purchase here.

Dave Bossert talked to FLIP about his new biography, Remembering Roy E. Disney.  Buy a copy here!
Dave Bossert with Joe Grant and Roy E. Disney at Grant's 95th birthday party.

FLIP also has art to offer.  Vicki Banks was featured in FLIP just last month.  Her sculptures are brilliant - a very special, one of a kind gift.  Pick one out here.

FLIP's own Alex Williams has a new compilation of his Queen's Counsel comic strip as posted in October.  Get The Queen's Counsel Lawyer's Omnibus here!

And especially for Christmas, there's Frans Vischer's A Very Fuddles Christmas.  Frans talked to FLIP about the Fuddles and his adventures in children's publishing.  Get your copy here!

Is your shopping done yet?

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