Sunday, December 8, 2013

CTNX 5 - After the Show with Tina Price

Tina Price started the Creative Talent Network (CTN) as a website for animation artists to showcase their work after Disney laid off a very large part of it's animation department back in the '00's.  It proved to be a very popular site, inspiring her to host an expo of animation talent which other animation talent could meet, hob nob, and gain inspiration.  With the fifth CTN-X just completed last month, Tina gave FLIP the post-mortem.
The aftermath.
FLIP:  How would you compare this years event to the past ones?
Tina:  Each year has it's moments, with Moebius in 2010 and Glen Keane in 2012, but honestly, this years event, CTNX 5, was great. The weather really helped too being sunny all weekend.

FLIP: When it is over, are there people you have to throw out?
Tina: I always hate to see it end so I'm probably the last person out. But everyone takes the CTN spirit with them and we keep this thing going all year. We're doing an outdoor event again this year on April 19th in Downtown Burbank. It's a blast, with artists interacting with non animation people.

FLIP: How much work is involved it he aftermath?
Tina: CTN takes pride in the fact that we use our own crew, meaning, we don't outsource to companies to run our event. I have specific criteria of how I want the show to run that isn't "formula". So It takes about 2 months to completely wrap the show and clean up all the bits and pieces and get ready for the next one.

FLIP: Is it getting easier, harder, or is it a constant learning experience?
Tina: Well, I don't rest of my laurels and need this show to stay fresh and new with each year being better than the last. So there are new challenges each year. This year we tried having a panel session in the round, which worked out GREAT and we also tried streaming live this year, which also was a total blast with over 1000 people watching the event online.

FLIP: How to you gauge how many people will attend?Tina: I am not as concerned about the quantity of people as I am the quality of people that attend. This show is about the "talent" and I am always amazed at how all the right people show up from all over the world. Good talent will always rise to the top no matter their geographic location. I'm just thrilled that they all come to CTN.

FLIP: When do you start working on next year's CTN-X?
Tina: When you have a passion for something you don't seem to be on a time clock or have a start and stop. It becomes a way of life with everything becoming apart of that one thing. I need to mention that I have a great crew of what I call CTN event service professionals affectionately known as CTNers. From AV to the registration, signage, all the managers for exhibitors, recruiting, staff and on and on. And I need to thank The City of Burbank for officially declaring it "Animation Week" for our event. See you next year.

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