Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Moving Forward

How could you possibly make the holiday season any more hectic?


On December 20th, a 25 foot long moving truck arrived at my home in Port Norris, the home where we raised our kids, the home across the street from my dad's house, where I grew up.  It's a long, complicated story as to why we had to move during the holidays, but the bottom line is, we sold the house to someone who needed to move immediately.

The moving process forces you to take stock of what you own.  As a new year begins, it seems like a fitting thing to do; assigning a new space for the necessary and important things, discarding the obsolete or unnecessary things, and sometimes saying goodbye to an item with a sentimental attachment.

It's the letting go part that is the toughest, but also is the most freeing.  Possessions can become traps, preventing you from moving forward, tying you down as a curator of your own personal history museum.   I think it would be a very cool custom where, just as you receive new possessions at Christmas, for New Years you let go and embrace the future.

So what do you think? Ready to clean out the attic with a hangover?
Happy New Year! -Steve

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