Friday, December 21, 2012

Bob Camp Visits Newtown

A shrine for the victims.  Photo couresty of Bob Camp.
Bob Camp, of Ren and Stimpy fame,  lives not far from Newtown, Connecticut; a place most people had never heard of until last Friday.  Like everyone, Bob, a father of two, was deeply disturbed by the senseless, cowardly act of violence inflicted upon helpless children and school teachers.  He posted this on his Facebook page today, and generously let me share with you:

"Last night Gwen and I went to Sandy Hook had dinner and went to see the things people left in a huge makeshift memorial for the shooting victims and the people of Newtown. 

At the crossroads: part of the makeshift memorial. Photo courtesy of Bob Camp.  
It was raining and easy up tents were covering most of the stuff and plastic tarps were draped over most of the rest of it but a lot of it was getting rained on. People were walking around slowly looking at everything and reading the notes, crying and some ladies were diligently taking care of things and relighting candles. There were hundreds of bouquets, Christmas trees, Toys and teddy bears and posters made by school children from around the world. It was kind of over welming. I talked to a nice woman who was out in the rain taking care of the items and candles. I felt so sad and helpless as I'm sure all of the people that had left these items and messages of love and support but they felt like they had to do something.  I'm glad we went."

Thanks for sharing, Bob.

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