Thursday, December 6, 2012

Graphic Storytelling at the Animation Workshop

Gateway to the Animation Workshop
The Animation Workshop in Denmark has announced a new Graphic Storytelling Programme starting in September 2013. This is excellent news from a school that is already in my opinion among the very best English-language schools for animation anywhere in the world. They produce world-class talent; students who are pretty much production-ready as soon as they graduate.

The new programme aims to focus on "drawing, sequential storytelling, lay-out, scripting, story boarding for films, cross media and developing original graphic universes". Students will also learn about "working as a freelancer and starting up your own company focusing on graphic storytelling".

The programme "aims at careers within the publishing, newspaper, movie, media, game and advertising businesses as:

  • Freelance comic book creator
  • Developer of visual concepts and graphic universes for publishing, movies, TV, cross media and games.
  • Artist in specialized fields of the comic book production: lay-outer, inker, colorist, story board artist, lay-outer for movies etc.
  • Commercial comic book artist for advertising, media agencies etc.
  • Positions within the businesses around the comic book industry, for instance editor, comic book writer, illustrator, teacher"
If I could wind the clock back to my 17-year old geeky comic book-obsessed self and ask the question "where would I want to study?" - the answer would be here.


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