Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What was the best animated Feature of 2012?

First the BAFTAs, then the Oscars

Award season is almost upon us. Every year in December a swelling tide of BAFTA DVDs and screeners arrives by post, a satisfyingly large heap of swag that makes me very popular at my in-laws, and makes Santa himself look like Uncle Scrooge.

When I was a kid we had to wait four years for a new Disney film to come out. This year the number of quality animated features vying for an award for Best Animated Feature is bigger than ever.

Some of the big contenders are:
  1. ParaNorman
  2. Madagascar 3
  3. Hotel Transylvania
  4. Frankenweenie
  5. Brave
  6. Pirates!
  7. Rise of the Guardians
  8. Wreck-it Ralph
  9. Ice Age 4
  10. A Cat in Paris
  11. The Lorax
What do you think? We want to hear your opinion!

(Editor's note: Bribes from studios are not accepted, but exceptions could be made for cases of 10 year old Glenmorangie)


1 comment:

  1. Only seen 4 of them, and I honestly don't feel like I've missed out.
    Pirates was easily the funniest one in the bunch, but suffers from too many (admittedly good)jokes constantly playing out over too little time. But an allround good film, certainly entertaining.
    Transylvania has the same problem with being waayy too fast-paced, and in addition there aren't that many great jokes which could have improved on a film were the story is a bit so-and-so and you never really connect with the characters. Still better than I thought it would be.
    Brave was... ok. At least at first glance. But upon reflection I would say it's a bit of a disappointment for a Pixar film. The mother/daughter relationship in itself was an interesting theme, but the story and characters weaved around it seemed weak to me and there were a number of plotholes and odd choices which meant that I felt more disconnected watching it than with any other Pixar film. I've come to expect more original stories from Pixar.
    ParaNorman was great, a pleasant surprise! I didn't expect much from the trailers, but the film is more than just gorgeous design and animation. I felt the story was refreshing, intriguing and not as predictable as your average animated feature. It could have done with better jokes here and there, but overall ParaNorman would be my choice for the winner.