Friday, December 28, 2012

Film Review - The Life of Pi

The Life of Pi
The Life of Pi is a remarkably good film, well written, beautifully directed, and an incredible achievement given that the subject matter feels essentially un-filmable. But what is especially notable is the visual effects work. I don't think I have ever seen a film in which, from start to finish, I simply could not tell where the real animals ended and the CG ones began.

The credits roll endlessly and most of those who toiled in the visual effects department are credited simply as "digital artists", so it is hard to tell who did what. But in poll position (though still well after the truck drivers and caterers) are Rythm and Hues, who must have done most of the animal work.

It is an extraordinary achievement, and once again raises the bar for anyone doing animal and creature work for movies. All the way through I kept asking myself "how did they do that? Was that real - or was it CG?"

It made me jealous - I wish I'd worked on it.


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