Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Animator Benn Garnish Introduces Retrofit!

Retrofit from Imagescope Productions on Vimeo.

Animators are film-makers, and it's not unusual to find animators who bridge the gap between animation and live action. Been Garnish, animator and friedn of FLiP, who is responsible for much memorable character and creature animation on films like "Harry Potter", has made a short video titled Retrofit. It's a science-fiction fantasy, set in the near future, "when death is just a new beginning - for those who can afford it."

The main character is Dylan, who "driven by his need for reconciliation, brings his father back from the dead, and houses him in a shabby utility robot ‘acquired’ from the black market. To make matters worse Dylan did this without his father’s consent, and now his father is angry and wants to be switched off. Dylan must now convince him to give life a second chance."

A short film created by Imagescope Productions.

Please contact the film-makers through their website http://www.imagescope.productions/
Or by email info@imagescope.productions

1 comment:

  1. Great work as usual guys!

    Reminded it's been a decade since I first went to Steve's website, I do miss the "attic" videos that used to be there, though through Archive.org, I was able to watch a few they managed to grab (though I miss watching "Store Wars").

    Hope to see more in the coming year!