Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nancy Beiman: "No Longer Proud" To Be An Academy Member

Photo: Gary Krueger.
Nancy Beiman, supervising animator at Disney, Professor at Sheridan, and friend of FLiP, has told the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that she is "No Longer Proud to Be a Member of This Organization". 

Nancy announced her intention to resign her membership following the new rules which have been hastily introduced following accusations of racism in the current roster of Oscar nominees. 

But, as Nancy points out, barring women members such as herself from voting will do little to increase diversity or help to give women a better shot in an already male-dominated industry.

As she puts it eloquently: " Women are shockingly under-represented in craft, technical and directorial nominations every year. Since when is it permissible to discriminate against one minority to right a perceived wrong to another?"

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