Sunday, March 6, 2016

Steve Speaks!

I was honored recently to be interviewed for The Tiara Talk Show, a podcast series created by Tammy Tuckey.  The show is about all things Disney, though it is not a Disney production.  Since its premiere in August of 2013, Tammy has done 103 interviews, with the likes of Debbie Reynolds, Ed Asner, Don Hahn, Jerry Rees, Gary Trousdale, and now me.  Slow news week, I guess.

The interview was done via Skype.  I was in my home, which was in the midst of a big renovation. You can hear the sounds of contractors banging away.  I talked for about 40 minutes, from which Tammy found ten minutes of lucidity.  I find writing to be much preferable, as it gives me time to form and my thoughts.  Having one's extemporaneous ramblings recorded is fraught with peril! 

I got one thing wrong in the interview:  A Goofy Movie's  "Eye to Eye" sequence was edited by Harry Hitner, not Greg Perler.  Both great editors, by it was Harry's reel. 

I had a lot of fun talking to Tammy.  Check out all of her interviews at the Tiara Talk Show site.  Click here!


PS: Good to be back!

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