Thursday, July 25, 2019

Three from My Storyboard Graveyard

In the process of updating my personal website, I came across storyboards that never made it for three Illumination films: "The Grinch", "Minions",  and "Despicable Me 2".  I worked for months and months on versions of these films that were later abandoned.  Nothing I boarded for "The Grinch" made it onscreen, but here is a clip (without sound) showing the Grinch's "Aha!" moment - the plot to steal Christmas...

My sole contribution to the finished "Minions" is a piece of business where Scarlet adjusts her gown, which ends up in an entirely different sequence of an entirely different film.  In this version, Scarlet's boyfriend is a failed inventor and the minions have teamed with a brilliant young inventor.  You can see the Dr Seuss influence on the young inventor character - I had just spent two years working on "The Lorax".  

With "Despicable Me 2", a lot of my work made it to screen, but this particular sequence leading up to Gru's wedding did not.   It's largely a shot for shot parody of the end sequence of "The Graduate", where Ben crashes Elaine's wedding. Funny, but way over most of our audience's heads.  I had fun, anyway (note the nod to Mad Magazine).

I'm glad to share these with you.  If you like them, let me know.   There's plenty more in the graveyard.


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