Monday, August 17, 2015

Short of Expectations

Chief, Your Butt's on Fire from Steve Moore on Vimeo.

Two years ago, I finished a short film called, "Chief, Your Butt's on Fire".  I wrote about it in FLiP as my wife, Donna, submitted it to umpteen film festivals.  Thousands of dollars in entry fees later,  we had what can be only described as a flop.  Only two festivals picked it up.

Was the film that bad?

When I started working on this short, Disney still did hand drawn animated features.  By the time I finished, chipping away at it in my spare time over many years, the animation world had changed completely.   Festivals were not even accepting film anymore.

So maybe my little film was too old fashioned for today's scene.  Or maybe it just sucks.  At any rate, here it is, decide for yourself.



  1. Well I think it's brilliant. And Steve clearly shows he is just as good an animator as he is a storyboard artist

  2. It's an hilarious and very well made film. I have no idea what festivals you entered, but it deserved a great reception.

  3. What the ... ? !!! Only two festivals picked this up ? I don't know how to react to that ... dumfounded . I really enjoyed this ! Has the world of animation and entertainment really changed that much ? Are those of us who like this sort of film out of touch or too hip for the room ? (I'll go with too hip for the room.) . Thank you, Steve. I loved it Well done. (for the record I love your films "Redux Riding Hood " and "The Indescribable Nth" . )

  4. That was hilarious! I really enjoyed that. Great timing, staging and very original story. You should teach a class in putting together an animated short.