Monday, May 26, 2014

Losing Donna

On May 16, my wife, Donna, lost her life to cancer.   She was first diagnosed in December of 2010, and over the past three and a half years overcame every obstacle.  I wrote about her fight in FLiP.  But two weeks ago the obstacles became too many, too steep, and too overwhelming.  I was with her at the end, and she died peacefully.

You may have noticed a big drop off in posts lately.  That is likely to be the case for a while.  Animation and old war stories are not that important to me right now.

Donna was loved and respected by every decent person she met, and even by some of the indecent ones.  She served as mayor of our town, and was always involved in community events, always working selflessly for the greater good.  Many have said to me, "She did more in her short life than most people who live to be 90."  She was my best friend.

And now, in her honor, I am participating in the Relay for Life, raising money for the American Cancer Society.  Donna and I participated in this two years ago,  never thinking that her time would come so soon.  I set the goal for $2500, a goal that was reached in just a few days - a testament to her spirit.  And now I ask you, dear FLiP readers, to take it even further.  Many of you have had some experience with cancer, either a personal one or a loved one.  Here's something you can do to help.

Any amount is appreciated.  Please join Team Donna.

Donna in the 2012 Relay for Life.

Read about Donna's encounter with Kristen Wiig at the Despicable Me 2 premiere: 


  1. Dear Steve,
    After losing someone we love, animation seems trivial - everything does. Yet, for better or for worse animation is what we do and 'art' is how we heal. Your beautiful film - walking the dog to that Tom Waits song - was testament to your love for your Donna and one day you might even make another film in her memory. And please believe that on some level she WILL see it.