Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lawrence Marvit introduces Myths from the Underground - out tomorrow!

Myths from the Underground is a new graphic novel from Eisner-nominated artist Lawrence Marvit. Ever wondered what happened to all the gods from ancient mythology whom no-one worships anymore? Wonder no more. They're still here, very much alive and among us - you just haven't noticed them. In an exclusive interview with FLiP, Lawrence explains how it all came about.

FLIP:  Tell us about Myths from the Underground

LM: My new graphic novel is all about the gods whom everyone has forgotten. The fallen, downtrodden, and forgotten - they are still here - walking among us. But now they’re powerless. And they don’t die of old age. So they're just trying to make it through the day, like the rest of us. They’ve been doing it for thousands of years, affecting human history from the shadows.

In Myths From The Underground, a world of urban grit and blue-collar magic, you will learn the true stories behind the gods and how they have shaped our world.

FLIP: Where did the idea come from?

LM: It was originally a short animated film I did back in 2000. I'm now expanding it to be a longer and more involved universe.  The idea came from may different places, but really it was getting to play with two things I really love, mythology and Film Noir.

The thing I enjoyed about mythology was the concepts and interesting set ups, but truth be told I always from the character aspect to be a bit flat. Making it a film noir allowed me to dig into the psyche of the characters a lot more. As a writer that is just over-the-top fun.

It seemed to make sense, really to take these mythological characters, who are often really horrible people, and put them into a contemporary noir setting.

FLIP: Where can we buy the book?

LM: The book will be released online in chunks. The first chunk will be about 9 pages, and after that about 2 or 3 pages a week. Once we get enough out there is a good chance that they will be collected into a hard copy. This section of what I hope will be a series of stories, will in total run about 300 pages. The idea is to collect them into 100 page books and release those as hard copies... but that could change depending on the market.

The first nine pages will be released on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 10:00am, GMT+1. Then check back weekly for new pages.

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About the author: Lawrence Marvit is an Eisner-nominated writer and artist who has designed for animated films, television, games, theater, and comics for such clients as Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Sony, Disney TV, Wild Brain, S.L.G. Publishing, Oni Press, and Pixar. He has also taught for many years focusing on design, composition, color, figure drawing, anatomy, landscape drawing, and art history. Lawrence is constantly looking for trouble, so if you have an interesting problem that requires his skills, please feel free to contact him.

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