Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Passing of 12 Year-Old Creator of "Hero Up!"

I read this morning about the passing of a twelve year old boy from Allentown, PA named Zachi Telesha, who fought bone cancer for  almost half his life.  Sadly, kids die every day from cancer, kids who have been entertained by our movies and tv shows. In Zachi's case, he dealt with the hardships creatively, creating a group of super-heroes which, through the efforts of school employees, was published as a comic book called Hero Up!  
Zachi Telesha , creator of "Hero Up!"  Photo by Tom MacDonald
Illustrated from Zachi's stories by Glen Mullaly, Hero Up!  was published by Rodale Books.  Proceeds go to Angel 34, a nonprofit committed to fighting pediatric cancer.  

Zachi talked about his comic in a article: "'I honestly think it was a God-sent miracle," Zachi said. "There's no way I'd have been able to raise the money to get a publisher or editor. I'd probably have had to save my whole life's allowance to publish just one book." Read the entire lehighvalleylive article by Colin McEvoy here.

Sad as it is that he is gone, Zachi's Hero Up! continues his fight for kids still fighting for their lives.  Get a copy for them.  Click here!

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