Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Roger Ramjet Coloring Book

You may recall from an earlier post, I am cleaning out my father's house, which is also my childhood house. Among the ancient treasures are some not so ancient ones from the 1960's, like my Roger Ramjet coloring book.

"Who's Roger Ramjet?" my wife asked.

I sang the Roger Ramjet theme song for her.

"You just made that up." she said incredulously. Before the age of YouTube, I got accused of making stuff like this up all the time.  No one's childhood memories could include such rubbish.  But animation people get it, because they remember this crap too.  We can't help it.

For those too young to remember, Roger Ramjet was a syndicated cartoon from 1965.  I saw it on a local Philadelphia morning kids show called Sally Starr"s Popeye Theater.  Every big city had their own kids shows back then running cartoon shorts with bumpers from a benevolent host.  

Roger Ramjet was produced by Fred Crippen, and had Alan Zaslove and Bob Kurtz on the crew. Beyond the theme song, I don't recall anything about the show.  But I have a coloring book! What's a fifty year old man going to do with an old coloring book?  E-Bay!  So here you go, fellow hunched and goofy friends who collect stuff, your chance to own a rare bit of cartoon memorabilia AND one with genuine Steve Moore age five coloring! 
Signed by the artist
So make your bid here!

Good luck!

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  1. I remember some station airing this show in the 80's and that's how I recall the show too and that theme song that got stuck in my head for a long time! I like to terrorize people with it!

    Of course in the 80's I also had this showing up on PBS I see Fred Crippen was involved in too!