Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Brenda Chapman Exclusive You Won't Read Anywhere Else!

Brenda Chapman has found herself to be a lighting rod for controversy this year.  So FLIP asked the question no one else dared ask:

If you could use that lightning rod to raise zombie artists from the dead to make a film, who would you choose?

Her answers are bound to send another round of shock waves through the animation community.  Brace yourselves....

Brenda's reply:
1. As writer…..
Oscar Wilde - because of his wonderful wit and heart and after the hell he went through, he deserves another chance

2. As design team …..
Gustaf Tenggren - love his illustrations and their whimsy
Jessie Wilcox Smith - for her silhouettes, painting technique and her ability to capture youth
Klimt - what a crazy looking film this would be

3. As story team…..
Joe Ranft - brilliant story man and I think he'd love to be a zombie
Vance Gerry - his sweet but no nonsense approach to story
Bill Peet - another brilliant story man and for his cranky pessimistic bitterness

4. As animators…..
Hal Ambro - I miss Hal and he was great
Tex Avery - he always cracked me up and not many zombies can do that,
John Lounsbery - he animated Luigi and Tony from Lady and the Tramp - they'd be fun to see as zombies...
Lottie Reiniger - for beating Walt Disney to the punch of creating the first animated feature....and being female, I admit it.
VanGogh - lotta movement in those paintings… I bet he could do it

5. As songwriters….
Gilbert and Sullivan - I'd love to see a couple of zombies try to pitter patter their way through witty rhymes - they'd sound like Primus

Now I want to see this crazy looking film with a GREAT story and bizarre songs!

FLIP wants to see it too!  And wouldn't sweatbox sessions have an added twist?

And be sure to check out Brenda's blog!

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