Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oy Canada! Nancy Beiman goes Metric!

Animator, teacher, and purebred New Yorker Nancy Beiman becomes a Canadian citizen today.  FLIP demanded an explanation.....
Nancy Beiman and her students.
FLIP: Why do you hate America?
NB: You never stop being American, and I don't plan to start (stopping). I am still allowed to eat New York Bagels, though I am required to have the Montreal style ones at least once a month. And a moose image must be present in my house at all times. And I can now have a passport for both of my split personalities.

FLIP: What is a Montreal style bagel? Do you need two tongues to eat it?
NB: Yes. I wish I'd thought of that.  Montreal bagels cannot be eaten. Il faut les manger.

FLIP: Are you becoming a Canadian because finding animation work isn't hard enough?
NB: I am very fond of maple syrup.

FLIP: What has the process been like as far as time, money, red tape, etc?
NB:There were some exacting requirements. I must spell 'neighbour' and 'flavour' properly. I must know what a double-double is. I was allowed to waive the curling requirement, except for my hair. And I have the requisite plaid coat, toque, and moose (see above).

FLIP:  What do your family and friends think of you turning Canuck?
NB: My parents like moose. My sister asked me to "install a pipeline, fill it with maple syrup, and send it down here." I don't know if she was the master mind behind the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist of 2013. (20 million dollars' worth of the sticky stuff went missing here and caused a national scandal. But my sister has a sweet tooth).

FLIP: Will you be jockeying for a spot on the Canadian Film Board?
NB: I don't ride a horse so I am not eligible.

FLIP: What is the Canadian Animation scene like right now....or are you it?
NB: (a real answer this time) It's busy in Toronto! which is excellent news for our graduating Sheridan students.

FLIP: Maple Leafs or Canadiens?
NB: Yes.

Congratulations Nancy!  Have a Labatt's for me.

Read more about Nancy in the old format FLIP.  She was our very first interview.

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