Friday, July 27, 2012

A Letter from Xeth (Sent Postage Due)

My old pal and mad genius Xeth Feinberg has been bugging me to have reader comments on the FLIP blog.  Here's his latest rant, word for word. 

Hi Steve (and Alex)...

I've been enjoying the 'New Flip' as usual.  For reasons perhaps dealing with deep seated personality issues of my own I feel compelled to make one suggestion, again.

I'm no big fan of Today's Manic Social Media Frenzy and understand the impulse and reasons behind not having any sort of reader comments on the blog. (As expressed by Steve in the past.)  But I also can't help feeling that in FLIP's case you guys are missing a small opportunity to allow your readers/fans to have some sort of direct connection/interaction with the stories and each other.  Maybe you've had experiences being overwhelmed with spam-like, trollish posts and it's just too much bother. And yeah, the world doesn't even need another Cartoon Brew...

I agree, who cares how many comments and posts and shares Flip gets... the world is lousy with that sort of crap these days.  But often I read your posts and have (maybe) some encouraging word, question, comment, 'like' sort of feedback that I'd be happy to post... but isn't worth writing directly to you about.

And FLIP is one of the few things that is low key and topic specific and 'real' enough to make me wonder who else is reading, what they think, if they have any memories or thoughts to add to the posts. I'm always amazed how you guys seem to have known/worked (or almost worked with) everybody...

So there ya go... just a respectful suggestion to reconsider allowing readers to post comments on the blog... and I say this as someone who probably won't even post much themselves....

Anyway, if it doesn't work out, you can always switch back to the current 'Anti-Social Media' set up.


For the record, I'm the anti-social one.  Alex is all for comments.  If someone has something of substance to add, I would certainly post it.  But I don't feel a burning need to be another outlet for armchair geniuses and stunted adolescents to wax snarky on "the biz".

Have something of substance to add?  E-mail us at

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