Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival Teaser 2012

My old friend and colleague Luc Chamberland has just finished a charming stop motion teaser for the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival 2012. I love stop motion animation - and I have huge respect for animators who can pull off animating an entire scene straight ahead without the benefit of an undo button.

Luc and I worked together in 1999 on "Joseph - King of Dreams", a straight-to-video sequel to the Prince of Egypt, animated by Bardel Animation in Vancouver. It was huge fun to work on, although the crew was pretty green and the standard of draughtsmanship required by the project was very high. I gave a lot of lectures while I was there, and when I left many of the crew did some drawings for me by way of a leaving present. Here's one of them:

I must have spent a lot of time on the phone. Also I am not sure what, exactly, was wrong with my nose. Maybe it was the Canadian winter.

The drawing that really confused me however was this one - it was a flyer for an acting class I was doing. Why I am I naked? And what's with the porn star thing?
I still don't get it. Something to do with the Canadian sense of humour.

- Alex