Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alex is Eggstatic

Last week I found myself painting a one meter high fibreglass egg for a charity egg hunt - The Big Egg Hunt - launching in London in february. You can see their website here.

It's a bit like last year's Elephant Parade in London - different artists paint the eggs (or elephants) and, after they have graced the capital with their presence, they get auctioned off for charity. The charities this year are Action For Children and Elephant Family.

The funny thing was - I've been working digitally for so long that I can't really remember how to use paint properly anymore. So I had to beg a favour from an old friend of mine - Clarissa Parish, who is an awesomely talented muralist who specialises in huge commissions like cruise ships and hotels. Here's her website:

She had to bail me out of trouble on various occasions when I threatened to screw the whole thing up. Eventually however with her help I managed to get the egg safely to its "nest" in Clerkenwell, from where it will move to a yet-to-be-disclosed location in London. - alex