Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Santa's Other Helpers

While Santa Claus gets the glory for pulling off Christmas every year, it is common knowledge that he has 'helpers'.  A team of little elves - the Merry-Makers - work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring joy to the world.  But did you know there's a second rank of helpers, an off-shoot of the Merry-Makers?  These are the Havoc-Makers,  Santa's Dipshits.

You never see Santa's Dipshits.  Like the Merry-Makers, you only see their work.  That Escalade taking up two parking spots?  One of Santa's Dipshits parked it.  Sale items out of stock?  One of Santa's Dipshits planned it.  Your one-of-a-kind gift crushed in the mail?  One of Santa's dipshits drop-kicked it.  Dinner reservation lost?  Car battery dies on Christmas Eve?  Internet cutting out while you shop online?  Department store elevator's fart smell?  Giant potholes in the road?  All the work of Santa's Dipshits.

So next time to have the urge to throttle someone for tainting your holiday season, just say to yourself, "It's just one of Santa's Dipshits."  and smile knowing it's part of the show.

Happy holidays FLiP readers!

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