Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Prefab Messiahs and The Man Who Killed Reality

Xeth Feinberg, the mad genius behind "Bulbo" and "Papu" tells FLiP about a new venture with his old band, The Prefab Messiahs.  It's a new song and animated video called "The Man Who Stole Reality".   FLiP approves of this message.

FLiP:  Who the heck are the Prefab Messiahs?

Xeth: I like to think of THE PREFAB MESSIAHS as an audio-visual collaborative art project. It seems more respectable and 'sensible' that way.
We were always motivated by a certain cartoon-psychedelic-pop music-pop culture outsider attitude and that perspective keeps it somewhat relevant, at least to us. I write and record songs and make videos and everyone contributes everything from significant instrumental parts to random owl vocalizations.

The Prefabs started as a weirdo band back in Worcester Massachusetts during the Reagan era. (Yes, THAT long ago!) Our influences ranged from Punk/New Wavy/Garage Rock to 60s Psychedelia and we vanished into musical history without a trace until a collection of our super obscure, primitively-recorded live and studio tracks got reissued in 2012 and garnered some attention... I think mostly because they were so super obscure and primitively recorded.

The overall response and enjoyment inspired a creative effort to "pick up where we left off" and in 2015 we came out with a seven song EP called "KEEP YOUR STUPID DREAMS ALIVE" (thanks to California-based Burger Records and Boston-based KLYAM Records.)  It was relatively quite well received and led to a micro-tour of New England and New York.

This year we finished a full album's worth of new songs, and THE MAN WHO KILLED REALITY is the first release.

FLiP: Where can one see the Prefab Messiahs perform?

The group is now scattered from Boston to Memphis so we mostly work 'virtually' but we hope to play out this again year. It partly depends on how many "Likes" and "Shares" we get, and other logistical issues. We might even franchise a couple touring groups.

FLiP: How has the new “The Man Who Stole Reality” single been received?
Have you received any Trumpian tea-bagging outrage?

In typical Prefab fashion, we consider MAN WHO "our smallest failure yet." The animated video has about 5000 views on our youtube channel since posting.

Honestly, I think it should have about 500,000 views because I think it says something both as music and animation. I was partly motivated by the old 60s idea promoted by Lennon and others that music could be "news." The song and video came together in just a month. I'm really proud of the effort.

Trumpian Tea Baggers have not been a concern. Only 3 'thumbs down' so far. "SAD!"

FLiP: Will there be a follow up?  A “The Man Who…” album?

Yes! We just finished final touches on a ten song album of new songs entitled "Psychsploitation Today!" Recorded over the last year, it's our ode to the dystopian modern world of social media, artistic irrelevance, and Trumpism. You know, 'for the kids'...

The plan is to release a music video every month or so.

This month we released the second video called "SOMETIMES SUNNYDAZE." I describe it as 'Floating in the sonic vortex somewhere between Summer Of Love jingle-jangle, a lost outtake from 'Pet Sounds,' a Syd Barrett think-piece, and a stifled scream in a locked closet... the perfect soundtrack for dystopian summer fun!'

So, not as overtly current-events centric as The Man Who. Also, in the video I get to wear a chickenface mask and run around with an umbrella. But the next video will be fully animated again.

You can find links and more info about The Prefab Messiahs here:

And here:

Thanks Xeth!

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