Sunday, July 21, 2013

From Pencils to Pixels - Alan Yentob tells the story of how animation went digital

Alan Yentob's "From Pixels to Pencils"
From Pencils to Pixels - In this admirable 2003 documentary, Producer Alan Yentob tells the story of how animation went digital. It's an excellent, thoughtful hour-long introduction to the medium by one of the BBC's most experienced Producer-directors.

You can see the full documentary here at YouTube:




  1. Thanks for posting Alex. Good doc. Not too much on CGI history as much as general animation history, but some nice interviews.

    I think it's funny how in 2003 Joe and Eric were talking about " is 2D dead?", and yesterday at Comicon 2013 one of the things we addressed in a panel was " is 2D dead?"

  2. In a way it all depends on what you mean by "2D". Lots of folks refer to the kind of animation done in Flash or Toonboom as 2D, which it is, in a sense, but it's not 2D in the old hand-drawn sense. I guess change is the only thing we can rely on.