Saturday, September 22, 2012

John Coates 1927-2012

John Coates, the animator best known for his work on the TV special The Snowman, has died aged 85. He was not just a great animator but also well liked by everyone who knew him. I only met him once - last year at the Annecy animation festival, when we were briefly introduced. He seemed an exceptionally genial and kind individual.

Below is a clip from The Snowman, the famous "Walking in the Air" sequence, for which he is perhaps best known and remembered by a whole generation of children in Britain, including me.
--- Alex

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  1. Thanks for your mention of John Coates and his passing. Animators have labored anonymously for too long. We, the public, want to know something about the artists who entertained and helped to form our childhood years.
    The featured "walking in air" clip was cool to see and quite an accomplishment in the years before 3d.
    Spence Morris