Friday, June 22, 2012

Tumblehead Animation

Charlie and Yip
I've been working recently on a independent feature film "My Haunted House", about a perfectly normal kid who lives a perfectly normal life - apart from the fact that he lives in a haunted house with his very strange and highly embarrassing supernatural family. Part of the development process has been to animate a teaser, to explore the overall look and feel of the film and also to establish the visual style. Two of my ex-students from the Animation Workshop in Denmark, Magnus Moller and Peter Smith, created the award-winning Elk Hair Caddis student film in their final graduation year.

Following the success of Elk Hair, Magnus and Peter founded Tumblehead Animation, located in Viborg, Denmark, home to the excellent Animation Workshop and part of a very smart business strategy of growing small start-up studios around the animation school, to develop a new European animation hub drawing in local talent.

Gateway to Tumblehead
The teaser isn't done yet but so far it looks awesome (the still at the top is a small teaser of the teaser) and it is thrilling to work with such talented animators. They take such pride in their work and I am sure that their new venture will be a huge success. - Alex