Thursday, March 2, 2017

Erin K's Latest Music Video

Erin K and animation Producer Nathan Erasmus have just released their new video "Assholio", described as a "classic fairytale - classic as in 1600’s nightmarish and disturbing fairytale". And, of course, "who doesn’t want to see a unicorn pig?"  The end result is "somewhere in between a super detailed animatic and a simplistic animation; kind of an "anti-mation".

The official video for 'Assholio' by Erin K, due for full release as part of her new album "Little Torch" at the end of March. Original music is by Erin Kleh and produced by Andrea Appino.  The animation is a collaborative effort by Erin Kleh and Gravy Media (

Music performed by Erin Kleh (vocals, guitar), Simone Padovani (drums, percussion), Lorenzo Saini (double bass). Recorded at 360 Music Factory, Livorno, Italy and engineered by Andrea Pachetti.

Mixed by Kristofer Harris.

"Little Torch" is to be released in Italy under La Tempesta Records and Erin K is available for European bookings thorough

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