Friday, January 30, 2015

Animator's Survival Kit Now Released for iBooks

Animator's Survival Kit - now on iBooks
Faber and Faber has just announced the launch of the Animator's Survival Kit for iBooks.  The new edition brings together the complete 'Expanded Edition' of The Animator's Survival Kit with over 100 animated examples from The Animator's Survival Kit Animated DVD box set. It will be available globally, priced at £19.99/$28.99.  What does this mean for students of animation? It means you can now use the ASK on your Mac laptop - you don't need an iPad.

What is this?
It's the digital edition of the best-selling book for learning animation, packed with video examples of how to become a successful animator. It's like the book, only better.

Where can it be found?
The Animator's Survival Kit for iBooks is now available here:

Why Get it?
The Animator's Survival Kit is simply the best book on animation. There are many books on animation, but the ASK is the best.

Is it a book about Maya animation?
No, the ASK not a book about computer animation. It won't teach you anything about software.  But it will teach you pretty much everything you need to know about the art of animation; how to master timing, spacing - and performance.

Can I read a review of the digital ASK?
To see a review of the ASK for the iPad, follow this link.

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