Wednesday, October 22, 2014

SONG OF THE SEA: Not Quite a Review - by Steve Burch

Song of The Sea premiered in London on Sunday Night
It is not often that you get a European animated feature released. It is not often that you get an animated movie, be it a short or feature length, that is an absolute delight to watch. Song of the Sea is both of these. Directed by Academy award-nominated filmmaker Tomm Moore and released by Cartoon Saloon, the movie Song of the Sea transports you into an astounding multi layered magical world, filled with a wonderful collection of Irish human and fairy folk lore characters, whose personalities both unfold and grow richer as the tale develops.

Now I know it is usual for a reviewer to at least explain to the reader the outline of what to expect from the movie. Well this review isn’t going to do either! Instead I’d just like ask a very simple fundamental film making question:-

“What is the greatest praise you could give an animated movie?” 

For me the answer is not focused on the quality of animation or beautiful stylish design, though Song of the Sea certainly excels in both these areas. For me the greatest praise is that you just FORGET that you are watching an animated movie so that, as the tale unfolds in front of you, your senses become totally drawn into the fantastic animated world created by the director. Tomm Moore and his talented Irish and European co-production animation teams have done this masterfully.

They have succeeded in creating a charming, exciting and sensitive movie which, with its mixture of personable, fun, wacky characters and beautiful timing, irresistibly draws you into its powerfully magical worlds.

So it is simple. If you are a big kid or a little kid, parent or grandparent, who wants to be transported to another world, make sure to find out where and when this movie is playing. Watch it on the big screen and enjoy.

---Steve Burch

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  1. If the trailer is enough to make me cry, I think the film is gonna leave me a blubbering mess..