Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nancy Beiman Talks to NPR

FLiP's own Nancy Beiman has now had two major interviews in one month.  First, as part of the Vanity Fair story on the early days of the CalArts Character Animation program, and now a follow up interview on NPR's Weekend Edition, where she dishes a bit on life in A-113….

Nancy explains:  
"The Vanity Fair interview actually took place in November and December, by email and phone. they then called back in January to read some proofs and have me sign off on them.

The radio show was amusing, since Sheridan has no broadcast radio hookups. I was in a recording studio listening through headphones to the interviewer who phoned me on an IPhone with a special app. Our engineer recorded me; her engineer recorded her; our file was sent to Washington and the entire thing was edited together, then edited down. The original interview is 20 minutes long. I do have the file, but only...wait for half of it! So I appear to be talking to myself, or to someone who does not answer me.

But then again, this is excusable behaviour for an animator.

So the second one wasn't 'live'--it was recorded the day before it aired.

Ah, technology!" 

Congrats, Nancy!

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  1. The thing is that in the Vanity Fair article, some of those animation artists were not from the 70's decade but also from the mid 1980's such as Brenda Chapman, Rich Moore and Andrew Stanton.