Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Gremlins Redux

After Friday's posting about the 1992 development of the Roald Dahl Gremlins project at Disney TV Animation, Jerry Rees sent FLIP a bunch of images of the development art used in the pitch.  Enjoy!

artist: Jerry Rees  Frans Vischer
The handsome leading man….

artwork: Jerry Rees
…and his beautiful love interest.  They would be live actors in a live action world.
artwork: Jerry Rees
These show how lower altitudes affect the gremlins, turning them from sleek, elegant creatures to bulging blobs.

sketches: Steve Moore, color rendering: Jerry Rees

Jerry rendered my sketch of the gremlin band for the pitch presentation.. The gremlins could use their bodies as musical instruments.

sketch: Steve Moore, color rendering: Jerry Rees
Gremlins save our heroes by becoming parachutes…..

artwork by Frans Vischer
Gremlin mayhem in the cockpit…..

artwork: Jerry Rees Frans Vischer
And in the end, Hitler loses the war, thanks to the Gremlins.  I still think this could be a cool movie, and the Gremlins could be as hot as the Despicable Me minions.  Come on, Disney mucky mucks,  give Mr. Rees a call!


  1. Nice article, Steve! I must point out a few things, however. The first and last drawings, (the pilot in the cockpit,) were mine, not Jerry's. I have the copies in my studio.
    I agree with you on the film- I had a ball the short time we were on it, and it could be a terrific retro with cool, modern effects film. So much can be done with the Gremlins with today's technology.
    Thanks for the nice article- Frans Vischer